Apprais-All App – Simply Find Out What Your Items Cost | NewsWatch Review


When you have a valuable item that is in need of appraisal your usual option is to bring it to a certified appraiser. They’ll take a look at it and provide a full appraisal report that runs you somewhere around $200. That’s quite a bummer when you’re looking to make money, not spend it.

The solution lies in a little app called Apprais-All.

Apprais-All allows you to find out exactly what your item or items are valued at without costing you an arm and a leg.

You simply fill out the form right in the app and upload any relevant pictures of your items.

A certified appraiser then reviews everything to give you an accurate valuation without a full report full of extraneous information.

Apprais-All is a one-stop app for anything that needs appraising – art, cars, antiques, equipment, watches, china, pretty much anything you can think of.

And you can be sure that all valuations are accurate for your location and are reflective of today’s market conditions.

Everything is evaluated in real-time by certified appraisers and not computers. You can even chat with the appraiser as they carry out the process.

You can download the Apprais-All app for free on your iPhone or Android while each valuation will only cost you about $30. Head to the Google Play or App Store to download Apprais-All today.