SuperDuty Super Protection Power Case – Ultimate Protection Case for Your iPhone | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

If you could name two things every iPhone owner thinks about on a daily basis, what would it be?  The answer is their battery life and making sure it doesn’t break.

Well, if you want to stop worrying about both, check out the SuperDuty Super Protection Power Case.

This bad boy has full impact protection for nearly any drop and will keep your screen from scratching and shattering.

It comes with tempered glass and a belt clip for ease of access.

On top of that, it also comes with a built in four thousand milliamp hour battery, delivering up to 175 percent extra battery with enough power to extend the life of your iPhone to a total of over 40 hours.

That means you can go over two days on your original charge and the built-in battery before even thinking about plugging it in.

All the while you have the peace of mind that your phone is protected from accidents and self-inflicted damage.

I think every iPhone user out there can appreciate not worrying about their phone anymore.

So, if you want to pick up the SuperDuty Super Protection Power Case, head to kickstarter today. It’s available for a limited amount of time so don’t miss out.