Positive Vibes – A Variety of High Fidelity Sound Headphones| NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Every now and then we come across headphones that exude quality and are so good that we just have to share them with you.

Positive Vibes is a female-owned company with an eye, or rather an ear to the future.

Positive Vibes uses Active Noise Canceling technology that filters out high-frequency noise and maintains the fidelity of the mid-range frequencies. With its active noise cancellation technology, their headphones are designed to block background noise for a better travel, work, and study experience.

Let’s cover their 3 main products.

The Solitude XSC2 features patented Dual Drivers for unbeatable sound quality that’ll have you jamming out no matter how noisy your surroundings are.

Next up, we have Positive Vibes’ Voodoo headphones. Using the same technology found in the Solitude XCS2, Voodoo headphones offer a slicker and cooler design available in multiple colors. This is for those that care about looking stylish.

And finally, we have the Plane Quiet Platinum headphones offers exceptional noise reduction performance and hi-fidelity audio reproduction with a comfortable design that works perfectly in-flight.

So instead of relying on one driver as typical headphones do, Positive Vibes’ headphones offer a patented dual driver system that utilizes two drivers in each earcup to deliver superior sound throughout the entire frequency range.

Their noise-canceling is ideal for drowning out the drone of an airplane, reducing ambient noise while studying or working and eliminating background noise for noise sensitive individuals.

Benefits you can expect from noise cancellation headphones:

  • Reduces stress and increases productivity in noisy work environments
  • Alleviates jet lag and/or travel fatigue by allowing users to sleep more comfortably while flying
  • Noise cancellation can be turned off so that the user can hear others speaking
  • Thick, soft ear cushions promoting the ability to inhibit external noise interface
  • And more

On top of quality headphones, Positive Vibes is a growing company with amazing customer service. To find about more about these quality, affordable headphones head over to positivevibesinc.com today.