SwarmBox – Make Your Presentation Captivating and Highly Interactive | NewsWatch Review

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If you’ve ever presented in front of an audience, you know how difficult it is to make your presentation engaging and interactive. There are only so many times you can ask for a show of hands in an effort to stop people from nodding off.

That’s where the SwarmBox comes in.

This allows presenters to connect with their audience by offering a means by which the audience can contribute to the presentation. SwarmBox makes interaction with your audience easy, quick, and with better feedback.

And since the SwarmBox has its own Wifi, you are independent of the notoriously failing and expensive hotel Wifi networks.

Here’s how it works. Simply power up the SwarmBox, connect it to a projector or monitor, and you’re ready to start clicking through the presentation with the independent clicker.

Using their smartphone, tablet, or laptop the audience can contribute directly to your meeting. This helps to interactively integrate your audience into your presentation whether it’s through surveys, brainstorming, or exciting team games.

You can now capture answers to questions, take a poll, capture suggestions, brainstorm, or even have everyone send a selfie for an end-of-presentation collage.

All of the results appear in real-time on the screen and seamlessly act as an organic part of the overall process.

With this interactive element, we can break through the usual monotony of workshops, meetings, events, and corporate training and finally allow audiences to be truly engaged. Whether in an event, training or workshop, SwarmBox helps to promote countless possibilities from digital capabilities.

SwarmBox offers products of the following:

  • Cloud
  • Virtual Appliance

You can purchase the SwarmBox today by heading to their website at Swarmbox.io.