The Travel Angel – Know Your Fly Rights | NewsWatch Review


We all have our horror stories at the airport or on an airplane. From delayed flights, to getting bumped, to some even being removed from a flight once they’re already seated. But what you probably don’t know is that you gain fly rights as soon as you buy an airline ticket.

Enter The Travel Angel.

In case something unfair happens while you’re at the airport or even during your flight, you can open the app to the Federal Governments Rules and Regulations on Airline Travel – a.k.a., your fly rights. An essential aspect of the Travel Angel app is to inform passengers that when they purchase an airline ticket, then there is a contract put into place.

So, if your flight is oversold, you can determine whether you have the right to be properly compensated by the airline.

Not only is it great to always have in your back pocket while at the airport, but you can also use The Travel Angel as a tool during your trips to book hotels, dinner reservations, and even Uber rides.

It’ll also send you weather and worldwide travel alerts throughout your trip.

Passengers need to stand-up and take their rights back and The Travel Angel app helps to facilitate this process and make it easier.

You can download the Travel Angel app for iOS or Android. Simply go to the Google Play or App Store to download it for 99 cents today and you will be automatically entered into a drawing for a free trip for two.