Prezi Presentations – A Visually Captivating Presentation Platform | NewsWatch Review

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Your message is all in how you present it. Or is it? Researchers at Harvard University wanted to know whether your choice of presentation medium affects the overall impact of your content, so they conducted a double-blind study with over 1000 participants, comparing the decades-old PowerPoint format with a newer platform called Prezi and with using no visual aids at all.

The results of the study surprised everyone—except perhaps the people at Prezi, who’ve long maintained that their unique brand of presenting works better than PowerPoint. In short, Prezi was found to be significantly more engaging, more persuasive, and more effective than PowerPoint. Unlike PowerPoint slides or presentations lacking visual aids, Prezi’s interactive and visually captivating format encouraged real conversation and collaboration.

By zooming and panning over their virtual canvas at will, presenters can share their content in the order that’s most relevant for any given audience, without having to flip through slides. Prezi calls this “conversational presenting,” and it’s what makes this product truly different from anything else we’ve seen. Of course, the obvious question at this point is “That looks great, but isn’t it really hard?” And the answer is No.

With ready-to-use templates for almost any occasion, it’s incredibly easy to create stunning presentations your audience will love.

And with Prezi’s ability to adapt on the fly, you can instantly tailor your presentation for each audience without flipping through slides.

You can also analyze to track your success so you can see who’s viewing, what they’re interested in, and how to target your follow-up.

Whether it’s for marketing, sales, business or education, Prezi is designed for people who aren’t designers. To learn more about Prezi and how to immediately upgrade your PowerPoint slides to a memorable visual experience, go to today.