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It’s not surprising that the number one reason people leave the company they work for is due to a poor or inadequate relationship with their manager.

The Piras Group, a consulting firm out of the San Francisco Bay area, created an interesting concept called The Engagement Cards with the intention of helping build stronger communication and learning between employees and managers.

They’ve created, tested, and measured a new tool for improving employee engagement that’s simple enough for any manager to use with any employee.

By facilitating conversations filled with transparent communication, mutual feedback, learning and of course, engagement, these cards help create a meaningful conversation that leads to a happy productive workforce.

Each deck comes with 56 question cards divided into 5 categories related to organization, team, and individual experiences.

The categories are: Getting to Know You, Successes and Wins, Job Satisfaction and Improvement, Learning and Development, and finally Direction and Alignment.

They can be used in one-on-one meetings to break the ice and remove that awkward factor, as well as staff meetings and teams

The employee picks the first card and asks the question of the manager to start the conversation.

The cards can be used for any of the following:

  • Regular one-on-one discussions between an employee and manager
  • Team/group settings, such as staff meetings or team-building sessions

This creates an atmosphere of exchange and dialogue, removing the intimidating factor that might accompany a manager-to-employee conversation and takes the guesswork out of what to do.

In addition, The Engagement Cards offers consulting such as a free ½ hour consulting session to help plan your Engagement Cards rollout and attain success.

Who would have thought, simply using gamification would take the stress out of having difficult conversations? The Engagement Cards help eliminate what sometimes feels like that “awkward factor”

You can purchase The Engagement Cards by heading to