GO CLIP – Helping Your Earbud Cords Stay Intact | NewsWatch Review

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When you want to use your headphones there’s nothing worse than finding the cords all tangled up. I mean, all you want to do is to take them out and use them to take that call coming in or listen to music – instead you’re going to spend time puzzle solving to get your wires straight. Well, we have just the solution for you.

Check out GO CLIP by Magnet Connect.

This magnetic earbud organizer was designed specifically for iPhone EarPods, whether they use the 3.5 mm jack, lightning connector, and the 3.5mm to lightning port adapter. So, it will work with the newly released iPhone 8 and X.

The idea is simple.

You leave the GO CLIP connected to your earbuds, even when plugged into your iPhone.  It installs in seconds and you only have to do it once. You never have to look for it when you when you need it.

When you’re done using them, you simply place the buds near the GO CLIP and let the powerful magnet secure each bud into place. The EarPods wires can be wrapped around the GO CLIP like so to achieve maximum cord management. Once the earbuds are engaged with the magnet, simply grab the wires and wrap them around the GO CLIP and loop the final remaining “U” section around the audio jack.

When you are done using your earbuds, simply pinch the audio jack connector and the GO CLIP at the same time and pull out your earbuds.

And a simple U-wrap of the wires around the GO CLIP is a full proof way to make sure your wires don’t get tangled – even in your bag.

They can’t be pulled out at an angle so if the wires are tugged on by your keys, sunglasses or other objects they’ll stay fastened in the GO CLIP.

You can purchase this earbud clip in blue, orange, pink, white, or yellow for only $9.99, making a great stocking stuffer for the holidays!

Leave the mess behind and head to go-clip.com today and order yours today.