Escape Da Box – A Card Game of Merciless Survival | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

If you’re looking for a fun card game the next time you and your friends meet up, then we’ve got just the one.

Escape Da Box is a brutal game of sabotage and destruction. Needless to say, it’s not for the weak of heart or will.

You start playing by picking one of six goblins. You and your group of goblins find yourselves trapped inside a cardboard box after a simple exploration goes wrong. You have two choices: either die or take out the other players in an attempt to Escape Da Box.

Through the use of offense, defense, gadget and critter cards and goblin wit, you fight your way to freedom until you’re the sole survivor. But be careful – meat shields, wolf mauling, and dreadfully pedantic wizards await. It’s simple to play. Each player picks a player card. This card has unique attributes and a unique ability. This card represents the player. Attributes include Guts, Moxie and Spunk. Or for the layman: Courage, Smarts and Life Stuff. And if your attributes exceed 21 your goblin explodes.

If any of one of your attributes reach 0, your Goblin player is unable to continue their escape, you lose. If any of your attributes reach 21 (twenty-one), your Goblin explodes appropriately in relation to the exceeded stat, you also lose.

It’s a ton of fun, so definitely check it out.  You can learn more at today.