Serman Brands – Making the Most Out of Your Wallet Space | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Isn’t it time we solve this whole overstuffed wallet situation that doesn’t fit properly in our front or back pocket?

Constantly having to dig through a bulky wallet wastes time and energy in our busy day-to-day lives. The average person uses 1-2 main cards throughout the day.

Fortunately, Serman Brands offers a solution.

Serman Brands has made it their mission to distribute products that exude executive class and excellence for both gentlemen and gentlewomen. We’re going to specifically highlight their thin minimalist front pocket wallet, the Serman Brands 1.0. Equipped with a front pocket made for your most used card, this travel wallet features only the necessities.

It includes 2 pockets on the inside, a photo ID slot, and a money clip to hold your cash. The wallet case has a smart pull-strap for quick access to your everyday cards. In all it holds up to 10 cards plus cash with absolutely no bulk. But the minimalist design isn’t even the best part. The quality of the wallet really stands out. Made with the finest full grain genuine leather, you can feel the quality craftsmanship in your hand.

Never have to worry about a disorganized wallet as the Serman Brands Smart Tab stores up to 5 cards and provides easy access by pulling the tab.

Going a step further, the Serman wallet is equipped with advanced RFID Secure Technology and a uniquely engineered metal composite to block certain RFID signals, keeping your cards secure from unauthorized scans.

Serman Brands lifestyle is executing the diverse elements of life in correct proportions and working on building the good life. Its purpose is to achieve maximum productivity in any sphere of life by preventing wasting time, efforts, and money.

You can head over to to purchase your wallet for only $34.99 today.