Coldwave – Hot to Ice-Cold Coffee in Under 2 Minutes | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Sometimes you need your coffee fix, but you don’t want to drink it hot. Current trends suggest by 2020 that 60% of coffee sales will be chilled or iced.

Now, there is an art to properly chilling a coffee while maintaining the wonderful flavor.

Coldwave has mastered this art. This beverage chiller chills coffee in 90 seconds or less while maintaining the aroma and flavor you love. Oh, and of course the taste. You see, dropping ice cubes in your hot coffee only serves to water down your coffee, killing its natural flavor.

ColdWave doesn’t freeze your coffee, it simply chills it. And it doesn’t only work with coffee. You can use it with tea, soda, wine, or any spirit. What’s more is it contains purified water and is made from the same safe BPA-free material that baby bottles are made from.

ColdWave turns your coffee from hot to cold in less than 2 minutes and room temperature beverages in 30 seconds. Did we mention any beverage? The ColdWave cools any beverage and doesn’t dilute your drink.

So, it’s totally safe. There’s no assembly required and it’s even easy to clean – all you have to do is rinse it under water or stick it in the dishwasher and you’re good to go.

ColdWave also preserves all of the volatile aromatics of hot coffee. It preserves all of the acidity and flavors of proper extraction without muddling or diluting the brew.

ColdWave, made in the USA, makes a great gift for any cold-drink-lovers, especially during the holidays. You can purchase the ColdWave for $39.95 by heading to today.

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