First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound – Combined Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Alexa | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update/CES

The number of connected products in the average American household continues to rise, as is the use of virtual assistants. Here’s an innovative way to combine a necessary life safety product with the convenience of a virtual assistant.

This may be your family’s new best friend – the Onelink Safe & Sound, by First Alert.

This connected smoke and carbon monoxide alarm comes equipped with Alexa

Everyone needs a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm in their home. Onelink cuts down on clutter while still offering the convenience of hands-free voice commands.

Placement on the ceiling makes for optimal sound, and with the high-performance speaker built in, you will have an immersive audio experience.

You can ask it any question you want just as you would with the Amazon Echo.

The Onelink Safe & Sound connects directly to your home’s existing wiring, and it connects to other hardwired alarms.

And with the accompanying app, you are notified if you’re away from home. You can also customize your nightlight color and brightness.

For more information on the Onelink by First Alert Safe & Sound and the complete Onelink collection, head to today.