Vital Scout – Monitor Your Heart and Respiratory Rate with This Wireless Wearable | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report/CES

Fitness wearables are all the rage these days, more and more people are caring more about wellness and health maintenance. But the regular fitness wearables calculating steps and calories burned do not provide enough info. to measure your wellness, let alone accurately. Being able to monitor sleep quality and stress levels is also important in managing health and wellness.

In order to find out more, we met with VivaLNK CEO, Jiang Li, at CES 2018 to discuss their wearable product, Vital Scout.

Vital Scout is a wireless wearable patch that uses electrocardiogram sensors to monitor heart rate and respiratory rate with medical grade accuracy.

Using specialized algorithms Vital Scout is able to monitor your stress levels, sleep quality and physical activity.

With no wires or straps, Vital Scout is a band-aid like patch worn over the heart with adhesives, so users can easily go about their daily activities with comfort. Up to 72 hours of continuous monitoring, users receive real-time biometric feedback and actionable insights.

Connect daily micro-behaviors with personal health through the app. Like uncovering stressors and relaxers to better manage your state of mind to cope with stress.

Health insights from Vital Scout will help encourage healthy habits, pinpoint areas of improvement, set goals and tailor a routine that works best for you.

See how wellness is quantified by checking out Vital Scout at today.