Rebound – Helping Regulate Your Medicine Intake | NewsWatch Review


Withdrawal from medications such as pain relievers and sedatives can be a necessary but risky undertaking. Often health professionals make recommendations to patients looking to stop by giving them general advice without enough individual knowledge of that person.

Rebound is a system put in place to ensure healthcare professionals receive all the information they need to provide a detailed and individualized withdrawal program to that patient.

Factors such as physical condition, tolerance levels, genetics, psychological state of mind, and social network all play a part in how to wean someone off medication with the least negative effects.

The Rebound app enhances dialogue between both parties during the withdrawal process, so changes can be made as needed. With constant monitoring and all details of the individual readily available, we can avoid unwanted reactions, risks and of course the patient attempting to self-regulate or guide themselves out of their dependency.

A digital diary is provided to make sure as much information is recorded as possible.
The app also includes regular motivational push notifications and reminders to fill out the severity of the symptoms.

You can download the app for both iOS and Android devices or visit today.