Polk Command Bar – Voice-Controlled Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report/CES

Intelligent voice services such as Amazon Alexa have transformed how we interact with our surroundings in the home. Although, there has been a significant gap within the home theater.

However, this year at CES, Polk Audio announced the solution that will change how we interact with the home entertainment experience.

The Polk Audio Command Bar is the first announced voice-controlled sound bar with Amazon Alexa Voice Services built directly into it.

Now you can enjoy the convenience of a digital voice assistant combined with loud, rich audio perfect for movies, music, and wireless music streaming.

The Polk Command Bar boasts integrated far-field microphones and ducking control, so Alexa is all ears, regardless of how loud the volume is.

This bad boy is also loaded with top-of-the-line drivers, tweeters, and a robust subwoofer that’ll make the floors shake.

The bar is compatible with just about any TV, even 4K, and includes a dedicated HDMI port designed to fit Amazon Fire TV and other HDMI streaming devices. The Command Bar also supports a full set of smart home skills to control lights, locks, and HVAC via voice.

The Polk Command Bar will be priced at $299.95 and available in spring 2018 on polkaudio.com.