Gigi Montrose Moto Couture – Shirts and Jackets for the Female Moto-Enthusiast | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Motorcycles will always be a popular form of transportation.  But it’s not only about getting from point a to point b, it’s about the lifestyle and the way a motorcycle makes you feel – a feeling of freedom and being part of a community.

And while it was considered a male-dominated activity, times-are-a-changing with the growing number of women that are starting to ride.

Gigi Montrose caters to the female moto-enthusiast. But it’s not just a product. It is a philosophy. A philosophy of owning your femininity and your identity as a female rider. It’s also an identity for women motorcyclist, utilizing the latest in new technology in fabric and classic designs. With their fitted and fashionable designs, Gigi Montrose is built specifically for a woman’s body.

Their jackets have a sexy look but are also safe, containing a full layer of DuPont Kevlar throughout the jacket, meaning they’re able to withstand the elements. But it’s also about the attention to detail and the versatility of wearing Gigi Montrose on and off the bike.

So, if you’re a female motorcycle and want to exude style and grace, head to to learn more information today.