Pelematic Orange Peeler – Designed to Peel Just About Anything | NewsWatch Review

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Pelamatic appliances are a wildly popular line of fruit and nut peelers designed to peel just about anything, from oranges and green beans, to walnuts and olives. But until now they’ve only been available in Europe and Australia.

But it’s just been announced that U.S.A. Unlimited is now the only licensed distributor of Pelamatic appliances in the U.S. and Canada

That includes all of their automated vegetable, fruit and nut peelers, and shellers. Each of their appliances are made from high-quality materials designed to last for years.

Their premier product is the Orange Peeler Professional.

With the simple push of a button the Orange Peeler gets to work peeling your orange, or any spherical, or oval-shaped fruit, or vegetables, like a potato, onion, and even tomato.

It’s as simple as placing the orange between the arms to keep it in place and pressing the button.

The Pelamatic Orange Peeler will handle the rest. You can even adjust the thickness of the cutting blade depending on what you’re peeling.

This robust peeler comes in white or black.

U.S.A. Unlimited also has an industrial line of fruit and vegetable peelers available on their website.

To purchase a Pelamatic appliance head to today.