Neuromation – Synthetic Data Platform for Deep Learning Applications | NewsWatch Review

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There’s no fighting it, AI is the future of technology. Computing systems with advanced learning algorithms are revolutionizing new industries even as we speak. But let’s not be naïve. AI requires a robust support system to train and perform properly.

Neuromation is a distributed synthetic data platform for deep learning applications.

It brings together three key AI ingredients – talent, datasets, and computing power.

The Neuromation Platform provides an exchange and ecosystem where participants can either contribute or purchase the components of an AI system: models, real data, and synthetic data generators.

With distributed computing along with blockchain proof of work tokens, this is a one-stop shop for everything you’d need to develop deep learning solutions with synthetic data.

Not only are we looking at a marketplace replete with everything you might need, but Neuromation offers a gathering place for the research community as well as commercial and private entities.

The platform supports synthetic dataset creation that has been proven to yield compelling results.

Using synthetic datasets in machine learning not only lowers the cost of AI development but also opens the door for widespread AI adoption.

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