pennypost – Turning Your Digital Photos into Physical Postcards | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

With social media and e-mail, we tend to lose sight of the personal touch involved in a letter or postcard. The good people over at pennypost are providing an easy way to turn your digital photos into physical postcards you can send to family and friends around the world. This progressive web app is extremely easy to use.

Simply open it up on any computer or phone.  No apps needed! Then select the photos you want to include on your postcard. You can choose up to 6 photos from Facebook, Instagram, or directly from your phone or computer.

Next, you’re going to add your friends and family’s addresses to the postcard. Now just write a message to one or a bunch of them and you’re ready to go! So, whether you’re sending love from abroad on a romantic adventure in Paris or keeping your family posted with photos of the kids, you can send postcards with pennypost faster and easier than ever.

Also… they help you collect your addresses! Each postcard you send through pennypost helps to fund life-changing surgeries for patients around the world.

You can start using pennypost today by heading over to on any device.