shopVOX – Web-based Solution Helping to Put Your Company into Auto-drive | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report

Here at NewsWatch, we’re on the continual hunt for solutions designed to assist any industry that’s in dire need of organization and streamlined management.

One such business-saving solution that’s caught our attention is shopVOX.

Designed for any company that is in the business of making custom products, shopVOX is a web-based solution jam-packed with features to help you put key elements of your company on auto-drive.

Let’s look at some of the features that set shopVOX above the competition.

When it comes to sales we see the option to build custom quotes or take advantage of the Quick Quote feature where sales people can jump right into pricing for phone or counter sales.

Sales reps and owners are alerted to pay attention to any static quotes. Once a job is closed shopVOX provides job boards and calendars to help manage all jobs. And simple integration with Quick Books allows for tracking of invoices, payments, credit memos, purchase orders and cost of goods sold.

shopVOX also allows for shopping cart integration with their open API.  It’s time to solve the chaos of your business with a simple solution.

So, head over to to get started today.