IntelliBid – Providing Estimates Faster with Detailed Accuracy | NewsWatch Review

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In the world of electrical and datacomm contractors, nothing creates more of a headache than having to produce estimates under pressure. The time and detail involved affect every other part of the process from estimate through to job completion.

This requires an efficient system to avoid frustrating, costly errors and lost opportunities. And that’s where IntelliBid estimating software comes in.

Created by ConEst, IntelliBid was designed by electrical contractors to help electrical and datacomm contractors produce estimates faster, with the detail and accuracy needed to meet demands.

Whether it’s being used for small contractors or large, multi-crew shops, it’s got you covered with an endless number of unique features. The industry-leading database includes over 120,000 electrical and low-voltage material items and more than 200,000 prebuilt assemblies.

Material prices are kept up-to-date and automatic price comparisons among local suppliers allow you to make sure you’re getting the best price.

It also includes Bid Closing and Bid Management features so you can easily schedule change orders and manage multiple project bids. Now, depending on your needs, you can choose between IntelliBid, IntelliBid PLUS, IntelliBid PRO and IntelliBid Design Build.

You can schedule a time to review this time-saving and efficient software by heading over to today.