Dragon Orb VR Game – Fast-Paced VR Adventure Game | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in the age of VR and AR. Virtual and Augmented Reality are the wave of the future and we’re on the crest of that wave. WAVR is one of those companies that’s doing it right.

With roots that run deep in the gaming world, WAVR develops its very own tech, based on extensive research in the VR and AR fields as well the field of Computer Vision or CV.

Now if you want an idea of the kind of quality WAVR creates, check out Dragon Orb. This fast-paced VR game places you in a beautiful environment where you’re tasked with the responsibility to release the Dragons of Reigndar.

You’ll accomplish this by smashing colorful orbs together as they appear all around you. You’ll have to rely on your speed and wits if you want to become the champion. The puzzle element of the game becomes increasingly challenging as you progress through all 50 mind-bending levels. Make sure you take the opportunity to challenge your peers and climb the leaderboard.

Dragon Orb is available on the HTC Vive and Microsoft MR. Head over to Steam to download it today or go to wavr.com.