Juice Mobile Power – Delivering Safe, DC Power to the Center of Any Room | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Here’s a problem we’ve all come across – you’re in the office, in school or even at home, and you need multiple outlets to charge multiple devices.

But unless a building was built in the last couple of years or made specifically to host multiple devices, there’s a good chance that each room only has a few outlets, which doesn’t work if you need to power computers for an entire team or classroom.

That’s where Bretford comes in.

Their new Juice Mobile Power System eliminates the need for costly infrastructure upgrades with a simple and cost-effective solution that delivers safe, DC power to the center of any room from a single outlet.

The system is remarkably intuitive and easy to set-up, and its ultra-thin track provides power to the center of the room without impacting foot traffic.

The Juice Mobile Power system is extremely flexible and fits any activity or room. The simple and quick set-up will have you charged up and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Its built-in FLI Charge technology will even detect foreign objects and power down to ensure everyone’s safety. And hey it beats ugly and unsafe extensions cords crisscrossing throughout the room.

For more information on the innovative Juice Mobile Power system head over to bretford.com today.