Atlas – Breaking Classroom Tradition and Exceeding Expectations | NewsWatch Review

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From the classroom and homework to leisure time at home, computers have secured a dominant place in most activities. But not every computer is alike. In fact, wouldn’t you want to make sure your kid is using a computer designed for kids and teens?

Check out the Atlas 2-in-1 laptop from Bak USA, purpose-built for kids from kindergarten through 12th grade.

This super-robust laptop was built to exceed the limitations of your traditional classroom computer.

It’s drop-resistant and water resistant. So basically, it’s built to withstand your kid’s active lifestyle.

Mobility isn’t an issue as the built-in handle makes it perfect for travel to and from school.

Flip it around and it becomes a tablet ready for drawing and note-taking with the accompanying stylus.

The 180-degree rotatable camera makes photo-taking a cinch and can even be turned into a microscope.

When it comes to software, the Atlas includes creative and practical tools for education.

The optional STEAM Starter Kit includes the Atlas Microscope Lens and LabCamera software.

With hardcore processing power, software for learning, and a durable design, the Atlas is the ideal classroom computer.

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