Loop and Tie – Making Gift-Giving Even More Thoughtful | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Corporate gifting can be a logistical nightmare and despite the fact that companies spend $90bn a year on their gifts, it’s often the only thing that’s not tracked and done offline.

Well, Loop & Tie found a way to make gifting better for the gifter and the recipient while ensuring it actually builds relationships. They’ve designed a polished way to send gift choice.

You start by choosing a collection. Loop & Tie curates collections filled with unique items. Collections range from $25-$500.

Then you design the online gift card and redemption experience. You can upload your logo, graphics, and photos or videos. From there, you enter a name and email address or a list of addresses if you’re sending to a group and schedule the email delivery date.

The client receives an email from you, inviting them to choose a gift.

The client clicks to choose their gift and never sees the price. The whole process is like taking them shopping.

All gift interactions are stored in your gift dashboard. You can see when your client opens their email and even what they’ve selected.

With Loop & Tie, gifting becomes a faster, easier, and a new way to connect with and learn about your clients.

To learn more, head on over to loopandtie.com.