RV Accessories – Surge Guard by Southwire – Ultimate RV Power Protection | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Your RV is a major investment that you want to protect, and you want to keep your family safe while camping.  Electrical issues not only pose a threat to your RV, but also to the people that are with you.  Don’t be at risk of unreliable power sources, Protect What You Value Most.

Southwire’s Surge Guard® RV Power Protection offers two of the best RV surge protectors out there that includes a limited lifetime and connected equipment warranty.

The Surge Guard 30A offers you exactly what you need to protect against faulty park power.

This robust guy continuously monitors and displays voltage and amp draw with multi-mode surge suppression. It includes a short 10-second startup sequence and a 128-second automatic reset delay following a fault.

With a vivid LCD display and locking ring to keep the Secure Guard itself secure, you’ll be in business without having to worry about electrical troubles.

It protects against power surges, voltage issues, open ground, open neutral, miswired pedestals, overheating receptacles, and more.

Now, the Surge Guard 50A Model 34950 includes all of the features of the 30A but adds additional protection against elevated neutral conditions as well as open neutral currents inside the RV – a feature not available anywhere else.

To learn more about Southwire Surge Guard RV Power Protection units, visit rvpower.southwire.com today.