Solitaire – Grand Harvest – Solitaire with a Twist | NewsWatch Review


Solitaire is one of the most popular single player games in the history of, well, games. It could practically be considered a national pastime. With its popularity and the introduction of mobile apps, a thousand and one different solitaire games hit the market, all indistinguishable from the next.

Enter Solitaire – Grand Harvest.

Created by a team of Solitaire fanatics, this app sprinkles in a twist to the classic card game by adding a grand harvest theme.

There are more than a thousand beautiful levels, different ones to the next, are built on the basic sequential rules of Solitaire.

Each level completed helps you grow and harvest your crops. But keep at it. You can unlock crops and harvest your fields every hour to get free credits.

And if you’re really lucky you’ll discover the lucky wheel and win free treats.

The graphics are fun and bright, updating the drab look of most Solitaire games. Instead of a faux felt background or some wallpaper that looks like something out of a 90s Mac, you can enjoy beautiful vistas, mountains, and trees as you conquer each level and are rewarded with bonuses.

You can download Solitaire – Grand Harvest for free with optional in-app purchases from the App Store today.