Turris MOX – A Customizable Router

Turris MOX

Tech Report

Solid internet performance and functionality is in large part dependent on a robust router. But even if a functional router is installed, they need regular software updates to keep them running and doing their job properly.

Because most consumers don’t fully understand what their router is, let alone how it works, they can miss any needed updates, leaving them open to outside attack and general degradation of their service. What we need is a router that is impervious to user negligence.

Turris MOX is the first modular router that allows you to build it according to your exact use and expectations. Whether you’re looking for a pocket-sized router or something with more of a permanent install set-up, there’s a module to fit your needs.

Depending on the module you settle on, you can obtain greater Wi-Fi range and transfer speed, set it up as an LTE modem, turn it into a lightning fast SSD storage interface and so much more.

Now as I mentioned above, regular updates, or rather the lack of them, is the ultimate downfall of any router. Many modern homes rely on IoT devices and other network-connected appliances that are open to attack. Unscrupulous hackers target routers to gain access to sensitive info or control of devices.

The Turris MOX seeks to combat this with regular updates, including reinforced security, that doesn’t require the user’s attention or expertise to kick-start the update. In contrast, most modern routers require the user to manually approve the update before it’ll do anything to protect against developing threats.

Whenever a security threat is detected, the Turris development team rolls up their sleeves and gets to work on a new update that actively neutralizes that threat by shoring up onboard security. This is all made possible through the Turris OS which is an open-sourced software based on the OpenWrt project (Linux). Nerds should love that.

Now of course just as consumers may not know enough to even manually update a router, they may not know exactly what they’re looking for in terms of an ideal router configuration. Turris’s Indiegogo campaign allows each backer to choose from a list of pre-defined configurations as well as choosing their own.

In a tech world that’s ever-changing where a single day is a difference between obsolete and modern tech, modularity is the only way to go. Turris likes to say the MOX is a “future proof device” and we tend to agree with them.