Digital Display Solutions – Commercial/Audio/Video Integrator for Conference Needs | NewsWatch Review

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It’s a safe assumption to make that where ever you go, you’re bound to see some type of digital signage. Whether you’re shopping at the mall or visiting your doctor’s office, seeing some type of digital billboard on your way is a high chance.

It’s no surprise that this industry is constantly growing since digital signage brings tremendous value to both the company employing the digital signage and the end consumer. The global market size was estimated at 16 million dollars in 2016 and is anticipated to reach 31 million by 2025.

One company taking flight in this growing industry is Digital Display Solutions, a woman, and minority company.

Digital Display Solutions is a commercial/audio/video integrator so when you walk into conference rooms or meeting rooms, you see the speakers and push a button and things turn on, that’s what Digital Display Solutions does.

Their specialties are auditoriums, stadiums, or anything that you need regarding sight or sound to be able to see or communicate a message.

DDS sees things in audio/visual six years before you’ll see it in Best Buy and so one of DDS’ constant tasks is to learn about these electronics. They are always on the lookout for where that “electronics” current is going, how it’s doing, and to make sure that when a CEO pushes the button, everything turns on as it should, and everything works great.

DDS especially prides themselves as a small business that’s doing it right. They are what separates from other commercial/audio/video industries because they will always commit to doing it right and to deliver the best quality that they can provide.

You can learn more about Digital Display Solutions by heading to today.