Chushan Technology – Focusing on Research and Development of Wireless Power Technology | NewsWatch Review

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You can look around most places and discover that wireless is the way of the future. People continue to create innovative ways to eliminate wires and cables so that we can use our favorite devices untethered. Well, some of these people happen to work at Chushan Technology which is a tech company that focuses solely on research and development of wireless power technology.

Specifically speaking, Chushan provides Qi wireless charging modules for lower power electronics. Just think of the wireless charging capabilities in your phone, smartwatch, or other wearables. This is what Chushan offers in a nutshell. In addition, they provide wireless power solutions to home appliances such as a tech to a wireless charging vacuum.

The vacuum doesn’t have a single wire and charges like an iPhone would. Once you’re done vacuuming, you place it on a charging pad to juice it back up. Another product you’ll find their charging modules in is a treadmill with the ability to charge your phone when it’s placed on the control panel. That way people can get their cardio in and keep their phone charged.

Chushan focuses on Khz-based magnetic resonance technology, and provide reliable wireless transfer (WPT) solutions for industrial devices and consumer electronics, including UAVs, vacuum cleaner, laptops, and cellphones, etc.

These wireless charging modules have found their way into drones, robot cleaners, and even electric vehicles.

Chuschan is able to deliver the power by meeting four requirements simultaneously:

  • the power to be delivered, from several watts to kilo-level watts\
  • the transmitter-receiver airgap, from one inch (2.54cm) to more than ten inches
  • reasonably small sizes of transmitter and receiver coils
  • sufficiently high DC-DC efficiency

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