TBI Assistant App – Assisting Those Who Suffer from the Effects of TBI | NewsWatch Review


Each year there are millions of patients diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury or TBI. Those who survive a TBI can suffer from impaired thinking, memory, and movement.

The TBI Assistant app was created by a caretaker to help assist those who are still facing the after-effects of traumatic brain injury. The TBI Assistant app can be edited by both the caretaker and the one with a TBI.

The calendar feature allows both to log appointments and set reminders for simple tasks as well as events, like visits to the doctor.

The unique FAQ section is there to provide answers to questions that the sufferer may have forgotten. It also has the ability to be edited such as adding appointments, and reminders of events/tasks that the sufferer has completed.

It acts as a consistent location they can visit when their memories no longer serve them, and they need access to names and other details. The emergency contact feature is a quick and easy way to contact someone to assist them in the case of an emergency. Through the messaging portal, both the sufferer and caretaker can stay in direct communication at all times.

With the stress of living with a TBI, the TBI Assistant App is here to make life a little easier. You can download it for $4.99 in the App Store today.