The Gate Lever – No Height? No Problem. Open Your Gate with Ease | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Has there ever been a time where you’ve angrily tried to get your gate to open, but no matter what you’d do, it wouldn’t cooperate? Whether it’s because the fence is too tall to adequately reach the latch from the outside, or the string snaps leave you defeated, unable to get back inside, it can truly be problematic.

Well, welcome The Gate Lever.

By simply pressing the lever, you can open your gate with ease. It’s simple to install and the lever attaches to your existing latch with a strong chain.

The Side Post Lever is adaptable for either side of the gate post, whether it opens to the left or the right. Whereas the Front Post Lever mounts on the post or along the top of the fence line and can be placed wherever it suits you.

Installation is incredibly easy and takes but a minute with one screw to fasten it to your fence.

Made from strong cast aluminum, this functional gate lever comes in three classy styles – flat, spiral, or flower. The levers are easily mounted with one screw on your fence post or any surface above your latch mount including cement and plastic fence posts. They won’t rust or break, and you can choose your color to match your latch, powder coated black or brushed aluminum.

Each one is available in two colors. Choose which complements your gate the best in style and color before ordering.

This patent-pending lever lets you simply open your gate without standing on a bucket, fumbling for the latch, or waiting for someone to come along.

If you’re fed up with getting locked out of your gate, check out for the solution.