Galarm – Don’t Depend on the Snooze Button, Rely on Friends to Wake You Up | NewsWatch Review


Some of us, and I’m not naming any names, are notorious for oversleeping. And I get it. Sometimes it’s just hard to get yourself out of that comfortable bed.

Well, we’ve found an alarm app with a unique spin to help curb that bad habit. Galarm allows you to rely on your friends and family to help you remember important things like waking up, going to an event, or taking medications.

Never miss anything! This innovative alarm and reminders app isn’t your run-of-the-mill alarm app, it puts a social spin on it. It enables you to rely on your friends and family to include them in your alarms to ensure that you don’t miss anything important.

Here’s how it works. Galarm uses your phone number and address book to automatically determine contacts that already have Galarm app on their phone.

You can add them as backups to your alarm. So, if you miss the alarm beyond a certain time, they’ll be there, ready to pounce and give you the nudge you need. But this app isn’t limited to morning alarms only.

Organizing a get-together – use the group alarm to set a reminder for all participants. The alarm rings at the same time for everyone making it easy to coordinate events.

Want your spouse to pick up groceries on their way back from work – set a buddy alarm and Galarm would remind them at the chosen time.

Other Key Features:

  • Personal Alarms – create tasks for yourself such as waking up or taking medication. You can optionally add participants who are alerted if you miss an alarm so that they can remind you.
  • Group Alarms – used for group activities such as outings, parties, or other events. The alarm will go off at the same time for all the participants and they can confirm their participation.

Furthermore, you can create alarms for any date and time making it easy to plan ahead.

What makes Galarm different than the rest?

  • Any date, any time – create alarms with no date/time limitations
  • You forget, they remind – create reminders for yourself with other people as backups
  • Ring everyone simultaneously – create events for a group of Galarm users
  • They forget, you remind – create reminders for someone else and be their backup

The easy-to-use Galarm app is free to download on the Play Store and the App Store and features no ads.