ConnecPath – Providing College Mentoring and Guidance in a Single App | NewsWatch Review


Facing the intimidating prospect of going to college can be really tough for young people graduating out of high school. There really hasn’t been a platform to ease them into it, until now.

ConnecPath is an app that makes the journey a whole lot easier. ConnecPath’s Spot Mentoring gives everyone wanting to advance to college and beyond easy access to a Q&A platform that supplies guidance from those who are qualified to give it, meaning those who’re already in undergraduate programs.

It works to put extra money in your pocket as you can have an easy conversation with a high-schooler about your college experience and get compensated for your sessions. It’s all about remembering where they are now as you can save them the stress every time you share.

Here’s how it works for those looking to get their questions answered. You start by signing up for a free trial credit. Once you’re in, you swipe to find a college mentor based on their profile. Then you request a session and wait for an acceptance to chat.

You’ll have 20 minutes to ask any questions you might have and receive informative answers, with your chat history saved in the app. And if you have simple or broader questions, you can always ask ConnecPath’s ChatBot and Forum.

You can earn more than you could with a work-study job and simply spot mentor in between classes. You can make money from wherever you are simply by sharing your best tips for getting into college and enjoying college life.

In addition, you can gain a great reputation for your most valuable tips. Answer more questions and contribute great value. This is your key to earning the most you can through ConnecPath.

You can download the free ConnecPath app in the App Store or GooglePlay today.