travel abroad

One of the most exciting things on tourists minds when they travel to far-off and infrequent destinations is to try some of the national dishes of that location. While some countries have more than just one national dish, others don’t even have a designated one.

But according to Tastessence, if you are in Iran you should try Chelo Kebab with saffron rice and grilled tomatoes, in Vietnam the dish in question is Pho, which is rice noodles in beef broth, while if you happen to be traveling in Indonesia you must taste Nasi Goreng, which includes stir-fried rice, shrimp, shallots and fried egg. If you ever get the chance to visit Laos then you should order Larb, a ground meat salad with fish, whereas in Guinea, a vegetable-based salad called Succotash is their national dish.

But have a guess what the aforementioned countries plus Sierra Leone, Sao Tome and Principe (an African island nation) and Uzbekistan have in common. In these eight countries, with just £100 in your pocket you can be considered a millionaire. This is according to the interactive calculator developed and published by the leading comparison website Bingo Find. If you prefer, you can calculate where on this planet you can be a millionaire based on your current savings account balance in US dollars too. Users simply need to enter the amount, choose between the Sterling pound or US dollar sign and then click the calculate button. In return, this quirky calculator will bring up the countries along with their respective currencies that can transform you into an instant millionaire.

With £500 in cash or in your bank account you can call yourself a millionaire in nine additional countries, namely Paraguay, Cambodia, Uganda, Madagascar, Colombia, Tanzania, Mongolia, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. While you can be a millionaire in both North and South Korea for less than £1,000, don’t expect to have the same treatment in more developed countries.

With the summer holidays in full swing, and in case you have yet to decide where to go this year, why not take a look and see how far your money will take you in some faraway countries around the world.