Kaleidostat – One-Stop Locale for Every Baseball Stat You Want | NewsWatch Review


As America’s national pastime, baseball has a legion of super fans who can’t go one day without checking in with their favorite team and getting the latest stats.

Well with the new Kaleidostat app, there’s finally a one-stop locale for every baseball stat you’d ever want.

Kaleidostat lets you create mementos, compile unique user stats, and connect with other super fans all in one place.

Every time you watch a game on TV or attend a live game, you can log the memory to help build your personal stats.

The more games you add, the more you’ll be able to see your team’s winning percentage for the games you’ve been a part of.

From home runs and batting averages to wins and losses, it’s all tracked. You can even save your in-game photos and upload your favorite mementos.

Kaleidostat also has a social function. You can share where you were when you saw the game and tag friends that were there with you and shared the experience.

And of course, you’ll receive push notifications about any news related to your favorite team.

To download the Kaleidostat app on your iPhone, head to the App Store today.