Rural Wireless Networks – Giving Anyone Internet Access Who Don’t Have Access to WiFi | NewsWatch Review

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Living in a city like Washington, DC, we’ve become accustomed to the luxury of WiFi.  We take its availability for granted when we go home, walk into a café, or connect to the free WiFi on the subway. But what about areas outside of the city-rural areas that are underserved and don’t have access to WiFi? Well, that’s where Intelligent Wireless Networks, also known as IWN, comes in.

IWN or Intelligent Wireless Networks is giving people access – access to whatever it is they want to do. The first line of access they provide is basic high-speed internet connectivity. But beyond that, they give people access to maybe furthering their education, an opportunity to earn money, and now they’re offering people the ability to play every day and build a business doing so.

IWN has worked for the last couple of years with the people of the community trying to educate as to why they need to get involved and why they need to buy into this community-based WiFi network model that they have created.

The start and stops in any level of development that IWN experienced have been based on adoption rate. If people don’t understand how it benefits them – how they can participate – they just don’t. Getting into the communities on a localized level and educating them on why they need to participate has been very, very critical. If somebody is interested in building or being the leader in their community for a localized WiFi network, it’s easy to get started.

Give IWN a call to help you build out a successful business. It’s truly easy to start and they’ll make everything else happen.

If you’d like to learn more about how IWN is providing underserved areas with wifi, head on over to today.