PowerDeWise Lavalier Microphone – Noise-Canceling Lavalier Mic | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

People love taking videos on their phones. I mean, just look how popular vlogging and live stories are nowadays!

While we can shoot high-quality video with our phones, we don’t get the same quality as our phones’ mics. PowerDeWise is a lavalier mic that’s both omnidirectional and noise canceling, meaning you won’t have to deal with strange noises, like rustling from wind, tapping noises from hitting your phone’s mic with your fingers, and random echoes.

The PowerDeWise mic takes care of all those problems and allows you to record in the nosiest of places for completely clear audio. It’s super easy to use. All you have to do is plug it into your jack, start shooting video, stop the recording when you’re done, and then unplug to listen to your clear audio.

The mic set comes with handy accessories, like a long cord, extension cable with velcro, adapter for your PC, laptop, or camera, and, of course, a storage case for taking your mic on the go. If you want more than one mic, you can check out their interview set that’s available for two people.

To have your lapel mic now visit powerdewise.com or search on Amazon “PowerDeWise” today.