D2C Directory – Connecting the Workforce with Job Seekers | NewsWatch Review

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We’ve all heard endless stories about students who can’t find jobs after graduation. It’s no secret that finding the pathway to a sustainable career can be a challenge. Dream2Career, using its crowd-sourced social media platform called the D2C Directory creates synergies between workforce needs and job seekers’ career aspirations.

Job seekers can search career interests and discover entry-level salaries, educational requirements, tuition costs, and other program information pertaining to work-based learning collaboratives.

Job seekers can access employer program recommendations about learning opportunities to getting hired at each specific company. Additionally, individuals can comment and rank program effectiveness. The D2C directory equips soon-to-be workers with relevant information to help them decide where to get trained and hired for their dream career. Simultaneously, this helps companies spread the message about the work-learn programs they have to offer.

D2C features programs for all community members, including K-20 students, special needs groups, veterans, and displaced workers. It also promotes some of the most forward-thinking industries, like artificial intelligence, robotics, and even the Internet of Things.

If you’re a company and want to increase your talent pool or if you’re looking for your way into the workforce, head to Dream2Career.com to learn more today. Use promo code NEWSWATCH to save 20% for the video.