Sift Local – Equipping Makers and Artisans with Tools to Grow Their Network | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

There’s something about handcrafted items made by local artisans that is unlike anything you could ever buy in a chain store. But how do artisans spread the word in their local communities?

That’s where Sift Local comes in.

Sift Local is a platform to equip makers, artisans, and craftspersons with a suite of tools that will help grow their network. They can create a dedicated profile where they can showcase their talents with photos and updates of what’s new. But what’s really unique is the event applications feature for artisans to find local events, with a streamlined application process that makes applying a cinch.

Sift Local is also a marketplace for makers to post their products and sell without worrying about anything besides creating and posting – they even take care of marketing, from SEO to Adwords. And on the other spectrum, this is a great space for event managers to onboard talent and advertise events, with their own suite of tools.

If you’re a maker, event manager, or someone interested in finding goods from local artists, head to to learn more today.