Mythereum – Multiplayer Collectible Trading Card Game | NewsWatch Review

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I hope you’re awake because it’s time to battle! Don’t worry, this battle won’t hurt a bit. In fact, it’s guaranteed to be a ton of fun.

Mythereum is a new, easy to learn, multiplayer Collectible Trading Card Game, set in the Sci-Fi Fantasy world from the epic trilogy coming to Amazon Kindle this fall. Collect and build unique, powerful decks to battle enemies in personal duels, multiplayer brawls, or tournaments. What makes Mythereum unique is that it is the first playable collectible card game built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each Card is a unique blockchain-based asset that you can freely trade, transfer or sell, on open marketplaces like OpenSea. Everyone can claim 4 free card packs or buy powerful limited edition cards that can grow in value over time.

As you play, you’ll gain rewards like Mythex tokens which you can use to upgrade your cards or sell to other players for cryptocurrency and convert to dollars. Each edition of this unique trading card game has a limited number of cards that are sold. Once that cap is reached, the edition will no longer be available for purchase, leaving players to trade and buy from one another.

There are even free Mythereum tournaments where you can win cryptocurrency worth thousands of dollars. eSports leagues are coming to Mythereum with large prizes and competitive professional play.

If you love Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone, and other trading card games, you will love Mythereum.

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