BIOSIM – Using AI Simulations Powered by Machine Learning Intelligence Systems | NewsWatch Review

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As you’re probably aware, animals are often used in the testing phase of drugs, cosmetics, and other products that will eventually make it to human trials.

But what you may not be aware of is that tests run on animals are usually 92% inaccurate because human and animal bodies are inherently different – a fact which might appear obvious but until now there has been no other solution.

It’s with that knowledge that VeriSIM Life set out to solve this problem. Using AI simulations powered by iSIM machine learning intelligence systems, VeriSIM provides a solution to drug developers that allows them to look at how the human body would react to a given drug or drug combination.

This gives them the tools they need to truly personalize patient treatment. Not only does it cut down on the need for animals during the testing phase, but it dramatically increases the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare worldwide. Other benefits of using advanced simulation technology include saving millions of dollars on R&D, saving years of wasted time & creating a very personalized treatment plan for patients.

To find out more about what VeriSIM offers and how they’re attempting to revolutionize the field of drug development, head on over to today