Olori – Quality Handbags Hand-Crafted in Africa | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Gaining a proper education is an ongoing struggle in many corners of the world. There are an estimated 31 million young girls in the world right now who don’t have access to education and 17 million of those girls are in Africa.

Olori [pronunciation: oh-lohr-ee] has made it their mission to do something about that. Olori provides quality handbags, each one hand-crafted in Africa. Each bag sold provides tuition fees for an underprivileged girl in a developing area, making the bag a symbol of hope for someone in need of a better life.

Olori handbags incorporate traditional luxury textiles sourced from women-owned businesses, and each is carefully crafted by hand. Olori aims to build a network of powerful women who are committed to uplifting one another. Now, the word “Olori” means “Queen” in the Yoruba language. The name symbolizes every girl’s inherent worth and power.

Olori delivers regal, timeless products, with great functionality and elegance. Olori is doing their part to lend a hand – from sourcing the materials to hand-crafting the final product all the way to delivery and ultimately lifting up under-resourced girls with the power of education.

You can support Olori’s ongoing kickstarter campaign by visiting beolori.com today