Mother Trucker Yoga – Providing Physical and Mental Exercise Behind the Wheel | NewsWatch Review


The trucking industry is exhausting, with little to no mental or physical stimulation for drivers when they’re behind the wheel. Mother Tucker Yoga was designed to fuel truckers’ body and minds.

Did you know that 3 out of every 10 accidents is related to a truckers health and well being? This could mean that you go out to drive and you see a semi in an accident and it could be because they have uncontrolled diabetes, or they have sleep apnea that’s not being dealt with. These are things that Mother Trucker Yoga as an online platform for both individual truck drivers and corporations come in to help drivers feel better, whenever.

And the idea of feeling better wherever is because Mother Trucker Yoga goes to the truck driver. This is actually bringing yoga to their cab or their truck. So that means exercises and movements in short 3 to 5-minute videos, in their driver’s seat, the cab of their truck and right outside their rig so that they can literally do this anytime, anywhere.

What’s great about Mother Trucker Yoga’s platform is it’s a drip feed so they start with any amount of videos and then every month they drip them new content. So there’s no reason for them to get bored because we’re always giving them new material. But you’re going to see simple videos like pelvic tilting in the driver’s seat to help with back pain.

There’s also targeting of hip stretching because one of the biggest things is truck drivers have tight hips and a tight lower back. What Mother Trucker Yoga can advise is to open up the shoulders. Carpal tunnel and trigger finger and thumb issues are also other big issues.

For Wrist issues, Mother Trucker Yoga suggests wrist stretches on the driver’s wheel and then right outside the rig you’re filling up. How about a lunge? How about a half mini down dog? What’s great is that these are concepts that were never thought about. The beauty about Mother Trucker Yoga is that they’re simple and easy

If you or someone you know is a trucker, head to today.