Athena Security Pro – Stopping Crime in its Tracks with Smart Security Cameras | NewsWatch Review

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According to CNN, there has been, on average, at least one school shooting per week in the United States in 2018. This is a serious epidemic and something that needs to change immediately. Athena is here to help stop crime in its tracks with their smart security camera system.

Athena Pro is a software, an A.I., Artificial Intelligence, that recognizes dangerous objects and dangerous motions, such as someone pulling out a gun. You can have the feature where you’re able to talk to the gunman and say “Hey please put down your gun.”

If a client doesn’t think that’s appropriate, it still alerts the authorities and the police in real-time, to get people to the crime scene faster and hopefully prevents the crime.

The vision Athena Pro has is to not worry about being mugged when you’re walking down the street. It provides that safety and protection, which is exactly the mission that Athena Pro wants to take and bring to the world.

Athena Pro has been installed at Archbishop Wood High School, in Pennsylvania and it was a seamless process. The school feels so much more protected. They have even spoken to several parents and with them knowing that the system is in place are reassured due to a proactive security camera that helps stop crime and does something about it.

Athena Pro not only records the crime but makes it a mission to prevent any casualties.

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