OneLynk – Digitizing and Optimizing Every Aspect of Your Business | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report

If you’re running a company of any size, whether large or small and have yet to take full advantage of the cloud, now is the time.

Cloud-based applications allow for tighter and more flexible control of all the operations of a going concern. And when it comes to smart systems for businesses, look no further than OneLynk.

OneLynk is a configurable and scalable platform that digitizes and optimizes all aspects of your business.

OneLynk provides enterprise capabilities to businesses of any size! It’s made up of a suite of easily customized web applications for automating and monitoring business transactions. This includes automating human capital management, finances, timekeeping and expense management, procurement, contracts and project management, and even payroll services.

And of course, it’s all cloud-based allowing you to operate every facet of your business from anywhere in the world at any time. As the owner you can dole out authorization for certain functions, allowing all your team members to operate on the platform. It supports a virtual workforce, ideal for the gig economy.

The platform is not only scalable, so it can fit any-sized business, but it’s also affordable. This makes it perfect for start-ups to mid-size businesses that need access to this kind of cloud-based system.

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