Option Lock – One-of-a-Kind Bike Lock | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

In an effort to combat pollution and do some good for the environment, many have given up on cars and instead take to the streets on their bikes. But with more bikes on the street, we’re seeing an increase in bike theft.

Option Lock is just the bike lock you’ll need for peace of mind. Locking and unlocking your bike has never been smarter.

Option Lock is a one-of-a-kind bike lock with two cross-bars, each with its own locking mechanism. This gives you the option of breaking down the lock into four pieces for easy carrying and the ability to lock and unlock the bike from different angles. You’ll find the modular lock comes in handy in a crowded space.

If you can’t get to the lock from one direction, you’ll have the option of unlocking it from another. When you’re not using the Option Lock, you can hang it on your handlebars or bike frame in the eco-friendly carrying case that comes with every purchase.

In addition, Option Lock was showcased at Interbike’s Marketweek where top retailers and industry advocates attended. Essentially, this is the place where all bicycle industry and enthusiasts, alike, gather to celebrate, educate, do business, and of course, ride! It is the largest annual gather of the bicycle in North America and includes hundreds of exhibitors.

The lock has the strength of a U-lock without the bulk. It is made of high-grade steel and is rubber coating to prevents scratches and maintains its cosmetic look. Learn more today at Optionlock.com.