On our site, you will find not only the latest entertainment news but also posts that can answer the most searched questions and topics which can change your lifestyle. So, today we want to find the answer to the question that troubles many ladies: Why exercises do not help to get rid of belly fat? Keep reading, and you will discover 14 main reasons that prevent you from getting the figure of your dream. Are you ready? Let’s get started then.

It is a proven fact that when you are young, your metabolism is clockwork and helps to stay fit even despite some lifestyle choices. Many young ladies eat what they want and when they want, do little exercises or don’t do them at all and still, stay slim and beautiful. Time goes, and the ladies start to notice that things are not the same anymore. The fat accumulates faster, and it is harder to get rid of, especially in a belly area.

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If you are reading this post then probably you have faced this problem too. Let’s try to figure out together what are the main mistakes you are making and fail to lose the extra fat. We have outlined for you various reasons that are ‘spokes in the wheel’ on the way to the figure of your dream.

  1. The years are taking their toll

The age is something to consider when you are struggling to lose weight. After 30 years, every year you become older is what makes you lose weight harder. In the late thirties and early forties, you may notice that the most stubborn area is your belly. Actually, this area is the most difficult in terms of losing weight at all.

  1. Only cardio workouts won’t work

It is a good advantage to your health and heart if you run every morning or evening, but you may understand that cardio workouts only will not help you to lose weight in the waist and belly areas. To achieve the desired result you need to combine cardio and weights training.

  1. Too much sugar and processed food are your main enemies

If you really want to get rid of extra pounds and excess fat you need to consume low-calorie and sugar-free food. You need to remember that processed foods very often contain an excessive amount of sugar, bad fats, unhealthy and sometimes harmful ingredients, and have high-calorie content. Stop eating processed and junk food.

  1. Genetic disposition for belly fat

There are many debates concerning the effect of genetic disposition on the fact that some people tend to carry extra fat. Yes, there are people who eat a lot and their bodies burn fat quicker and those who eat less but still have problems with overweight. Even if the hereditary factors play their role in your struggle with the excess weight it does not mean that you are doomed to have a muffin top forever.

  1. Stress is eating your nerves not belly fat

Stress has become an integral part of the contemporary life, but many people still underestimate its negative influence on their health and weight as well. High levels of stress influence negatively not only your mental health but physical as well. Yes, some people start to lose weight due to constant stress, but many people wise versa start to accumulate the fat as a rainy-day fund. If not to mention that being nervous a lot of ladies start to eat more and not always healthy food.

  1. Your fat pool is too big

You need to understand that if you have a lot of belly fat, the process of losing the fat won’t be a quick and easy one. You will not lose abdominal fat that was accumulating for a long time overnight. Be patient and take your time for this struggle.

  1. Mouse enzyme

This reason may sound strange at first, but we will explain everything to you. Researchers have found in mice an enzyme-linked to both the estrogen hormone and high-fat diets. This mouse enzyme is a major contributor to gaining weight. Human beings also carry these enzymes and women have the predisposition to carry this kind of enzymes more.

  1. Alcohol is your next enemy

Alcohol beverages have more calories you may think. If you like alcohol drinks you must understand that they also may be the reason for the widening of your waistline. The calories contained in an alcoholic drink cannot be stored for later, and metabolism, first of all, starts to burn these calories and diverts from the burning process of other calories that transform into fat especially in the belly area.

  1. Excessive consumption of fats

First of all, let’s stress that not all fats are wrong and consumption of fats is necessary for the healthy body. Fats help to take advantages from nutritional components, but you must remember that the consumption of right fats must be moderated. High intake of fats contained in dairy and meat (saturated fat) increases visceral, while fats contained, for example, in avocados and olive oil (monounsaturated fats) have anti-inflammatory effects on your body. Enjoy foods with fats but watch your calorie intake.

  1. You exercise not at full intensity

You need to understand that only intensive exercises burn more calories and fat as a result. Yes, to get rid of stubborn belly fat you need to work hard in a gym.

  1. Less sleep – gaining more weight

Sleep is a key to a healthy body that does not gain excess weight. Doctors and nutritionists advise adult people to sleep from seven to eight hours a night, no less. For example, a person who sleeps five hours or less at night will gain excess weight more likely than a person who sleeps well.

  1. You have an apple-shaped figure

People of apple-shaped physics tend to accumulate fat in the middle part of the body more than on thighs and hips. If you are apple shaped it will be harder for you to fight the problem of the excessive fat in the belly area, but it is not impossible. Right nutrition and regular exercises are your main tools, be patient and goal-oriented.

  1. Consult the doctor because you may be sick

Some diseases can prevent you from achieving your goal. For example, you might have difficulties in losing weight if your testosterone levels are high (something can occur with polycystic ovary syndrome). If you have any doubts, we advise you to consult the professionals.

  1. You lack motivation

Motivation plays a great role in achieving any goals. If you lack motivation, you will lose but not weight. You need to imagine the final result and go for it. You can start by taking photos of the stages of your losing weight process and compare them with the first picture before you have started. Comparing before and after, you will see how your body changes and what body you don’t want to have for sure.

We hope that you have found our post useful and wish you to achieve your goal. The prize is worth it. You will have the body of your dream, just be patient and work hard.