ZenToes – Providing Fast, Holistic Pain Relief for Feet | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Anyone who has ever lived with a bunion knows the discomfort that accompanies these bony bumps. They’re a real pain in the foot. But short of surgery, what can we do to manage the discomfort? Well, you’re going to want to check out ZenToes.

ZenToes is a company determined to provide fast, holistic pain relief for bunions and other foot issues without having to resort to surgery or experience embarrassment. ZenToes supports an active lifestyle and works to help you live a normal life at any age. Many of their best products are in the Toe Separators for Bunions category.

Toe misalignment can quickly cause pain throughout your whole body as your foot arches, heels, ankles, knees and hips compensate to keep you upright. Toe separators for bunions help re-align those wandering toes of yours while you’re wearing the separators to prevent toe rub and pain from poorly aligned feet. One size fits most and this product is designed for both men and women.

Simply put them on and sport an active lifestyle without worrying about your appearance or pain in feet.

Another popular product on their site is the heel sock. If you’ve got dry or cracked heels causing you pain, then these gel heel sleeves are just the thing for you. This moisturizing heel sock provides spa-like support for even the roughest and driest of skin.

Crafted with a premium cotton blend, they include a moisturizing gel heel that’s soft and flexible. When paired with your favorite lotion, you’ll wind up with soft, supple heels that feel and look terrific.

Not only are they comfortable, but they’ll also help heal your dry, cracked heels while you sleep.

To find out more about ZenToes foot relief products head over to zentoes.com today.