SpoonBuddy – Keeping Your Cooking Utensils Secure | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

With all the advances in cooking can still be such a disorganized and stressful task. Let’s just say, if you come to my house for dinner, don’t go in the kitchen. Talk about a mess! Hey Alexa, find me a simple solution! Well, it’s the SpoonBuddy to save the day and my sanity.

The SpoonBuddy is a spoon rest that easily adheres to a pot lid, countertop or any flat surface.

This little guy can mean the difference between an organized and clean kitchen and an embarrassing, messy one. And it doesn’t just keep your pot and surfaces clean, but it also ensures your utensils don’t end up falling into your pot.

Now the SpoonBuddy isn’t just a spoon rest. By attaching it to a plate with the suction base, it functions as a handle allowing you to easily turn a plate into a lid. And if all of that wasn’t enough, by placing it on a jar lid, you can finally open those sticky jars with ease.

The SpoonBuddy is available in black, red and blue. You can purchase it in select Bed, Bath and Beyond stores across the country or simply head to myspoonbuddy.com today.